Aim of hatha yoga-PURPOSE OF HATHA YOGA

Aim of hatha yoga -PURPOSE OF HATHA YOGA

The genuine reason for hatha yoga

Over the most recent forty years, hatha yoga has been acknowledged as a helpful

science everywhere in the world and numerous logical investigations have been

directed in this field. Today we instruct yoga to individuals since it is very

fundamental. Man has become wiped out and clinical science can’t meet

the test. Hatha yoga, be that as it may, has been helping everyone.

Hence, we would prefer not to dishearten this viewpoint, and yet

we ought not to overlook what hatha yoga truly depend on.

Behind each debilitated man there is a profound man. Behind a

diabetic there is a yogi. Behind a man experiencing sorrow

there is a wannabe. At the point when a patient seeks help, show him yoga

furthermore, improve him. Treat his affliction, however, don’t stop there. Take

him further into the profound area of life.

This is the slip-up that most yoga educators make in the West.

They simply take a patient with joint pain, ailment, or a sleeping disorder, instruct

him a couple of activities and that is it. Hatha yoga has not been utilized to

treat the all-out character. This is the reason instructors can’t raise

the degree of their understudies. Just to improve the physical wellbeing isn’t

enough. The psychological wellness should likewise improve, nature must

change, the character must change, the mental and the

the clairvoyant structure likewise needs to change. You ought not only to feel

independence from infection, yet independence from subjugation and from the

fancies of the psyche. Presently, the opportunity has arrived when instructors in

all aspects of the world must comprehend and send the genuine soul

of hatha yoga.

The actual meaning of hatha yoga is attaining samadhi

The actual meaning of hatha yoga is attaining samadhi. Samadhi is a real state of a living being that can attain by deep meditation. Because the real meaning of yoga is attaining moksha but now day every one is just doing for exercises, it’s also good for physical and mind health but it’s just one percent of the meaning of yoga.

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Ashtanga yoga-Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

bhagwan (god) shlok sanskrit

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